Mar 2018

3. International Workshop on Online Teaching Initiatives

3. International Workshop on Online Teaching Initiatives - IWOOTI 2018 - will be held on 18. April 2018. The workshop is organized within the frame of the International Week (Mo, 16.-20. April 2018) at the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida under the motto „Stay Connected - Digital Learning in International Settings“.

Preliminary programme:

9:00 - 9:05 Introduction

Julia Köhler, Robert J. Wierzbicki,
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (DE)

9:05 - 9:30 Distance learning at VIVES Johan Cottyn,
9:30 - 10:00 E-Learning Teaching Approaches Stefano Guarino, Flaviana Tagliaferri, Laura Pecetta,
University Niccolo Cusano (IT)
10:00 - 10:30 How Electronic Learning Can Support Inclusion Verena Jahn,
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (DE)
10:45 - 11:15

The Idea of Europe

Lorenzo Bagnoli,
University of Milano Bicocca (IT)
11:15 - 11:45 Academic mobility to Russia: Dos and Don’ts  Alexey Fominykh,
Volga State University Joschkar Ola (RU)
11:45 - 12:15

European Virtual Academy 

Robert J. Wierzbicki,
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (DE)


Venue: ZMS, 39-201.


Nov 2014

Quo Vadis Education?

Professor Dan Remenyi (ACPI) speaks at the IWOOTI 2014

One of the goals of the IWOOTI 2014 was to establish virtual presentations as part of the event. This was not just to overcome the shortfalls in funding but to enable fast and most flexible exchange of ides on teaching in the future.

Jak Boumans, the Secretary General of the European Academy of Digital Media and one of the invited (virtual) speakers wrote in his blog "It was unbelievable that I could stay at home and did not have to travel to Mittweida (with a train drivers strike coming up). I could stay in the intimacy of my study and lecture from there...".


Oct 2014

IWOOTI 2014 - Workshop Programme

November 5., 2014, Venue: Haus 5, Raum 215 A

Download Programme as PDF Download as PDF


  Archeology of e-Reading (INVITED TALK)

Jak Boumans (NL) (Virtual Presentation)
European Academy of Digital Media


  E-Assessment Tools for Mathematical Study Courses

Franziska Nestler (DE)
Technische Universität Chemnitz


  The Origins of Social Networks (Virtual Presentation)

Cesare Massarenti (IT)
Dept. of Media - Mittweida University of Applied Sciences
Dept. of Computer Science - Stanford University


  Behavioural Research in Blended Nurture Environments

Peter Böhnke (DE)
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida



Analysis of Obstetrics E-Learning (Virtual Presentation)
Donnchadh Padraig William Coffey (IE)
University College Cork






Is the Academy Pulling its Weight in the 21st Century?
Dan Remenyi (UK) (INVITED TALK)
Academic Conferences & Publishing International



Using Online Platforms for Teaching Visual Culture Online Courses
Doru Pop (RO) (Virtual Presentation)
Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai



Students' Attitude to Online Learning at College of Dunaújváros, Hungary
Gábor Klucsik (HU)
College of Dunaújváros



E-Learning Tools That Really Work (Virtual Presentation)
 iSpring Solutions, Inc. (US)



Towards an Open Educational Resources Community: Proceedings of the Knowledge Transfer Platform Open KnowledgeWorker.
Alexander Maasch (DE)
chemmedia AG



EVA: What's Next?
Robert J. Wierzbicki & Klaus Dohmen (DE)
University of Applied Sciences Mittweida

18.00   Dinner at Burg Kriebstein

Sep 2014

IWOOTI 2014 - Invited Talks

Dan Remenyi (UK) and Jak Boumans (NL) will speak at the IWOOTI workshop.

Dan Remenyi  

Dan Remenyi

After completing the MBA Dan Remenyi spent 15 years in business as an ICT consultant before undertaking a PhD. Since obtaining his doctorate he has held a variety of visiting professorships in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and South Africa. He researches and teaches in the ICT management field and for the past decade he has increasingly focus on research methodology and the sociology of research. He has had some 60 peer reviewed academic papers and 30 text books published. Some of his books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Romanian. He holds a B Soc Sc, MBA and PhD.

Dan will give a talk entitled:
Is the Academy Pulling its Weight in the 21st Century?



Jak Boumans

Jak Boumans (1945) is principal consultant with Electronic Media Reporting in Almere, The Netherlands, a consultancy specialised in content strategy. He has a background in publishing, where he pioneered with databases,  videotex and CD-ROMs. In 1990 he started his own consultancy. He has done assignments for the EU, Dutch government, governments in Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, Dutch publishing companies. Presently he is involved in a digital heritage project, covering the pre-internet period (1967-1997) in The Netherlands.

Boumans has written articles for national and international trade magazines and has written books in Dutch. He has contributed articles to readers such as E-content: Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market (‎Springer Verlag, 2005) as well as Shared Value in Wissensnetzen (2005) and  edited High Performance Multimedia (IOS Press, 2008).

His company has been involved in many EU projects (P26 Electronic Newsletters, Kiosque, ACTeN, Inform, XMelina, EMIM, Vocinet, Scienar).  ‎Boumans has been a jury member for the Europrix, World Summit Award and EPPY. He is the Secretary General of the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM).

Jak will give a virtual talk entitled:
Archeology of e-Reading 

May 2014

IWOOTI 2014 - Second International Workshop on Online Teaching Initiatives

Most Modern Academic Media Center in Mittweida set to Open in July 2014

The 2. International Workshop on Online Teaching Initiatives is comming up on November 5., 2014.  A more detailed information on the workshop will be published soon.

Mar 2013

Students and companies meet in the middle

Kirsi Karimäki, Finnland

The University of Applied Sciences in Tampere, Finland presented a very new way to study. The project "Demola" offers students great opportunities to learn product development hands-on. "Students need a place to study in real life situations", said Kirsi Karimäki, teacher at the University. Demola makes it possible that a learning environment expands from the university to a special innovation environment. Students from different universities work together in projects, which create innovative concepts for companies.

The projects are close to every day working life, the students are up-to-date and learn out of school. “But it is not so easy, to work for the own university, for others and for companies at the same time”, said Kirsi Karimäki, "also teachers have to learn to be good tutors". The "Demola Academy" makes studying more interesting. Today we need new learning and fresh thinking.

Oct 2012

Today, students teach teachers

Rodica Mocan from the Babeș-Bolyai University in Romania was the first, who talked at the IWOOTI today. Her topic: “The Portrait of the Successful Online Learner”. “The students need freedom and then they will work”, she says. The challenge for today´s teachers is that they are standing in front of a young, digitized generation. And this generation grows up in an ever-changing, multi-tasking, hyper-stimulated, technologically driven environment. The older ones have trouble to keep up with that fast changing world, because the students today know more than they do. The students show their teachers how they want to learn and what they want to learn. The good thing with learning online is, that “students can learn what they want to learn and if they are not interested in a subject, they can drop it”, said Rodica Mocan.

The Babeș-Bolyai University in Romania takes part in the European Masters in Interactive Multimedia (EMIM). It started in 2005 as an initiative of a number of academics, fellows of the European Academy for Digital Media (EADiM). Among other things they teach students how to produce multimedia content for a rapidly changing, multiple platform and demanding market.