What is IWOOTI?

E-learning plays an ever increasing role at Hochschule Mittweida (HSMW) - University of Applied Sciences Mittweida in Germany. It has been widely applied as an element of blended learning arrangements for many years now. Virtual, technology-enhanced, student-centred methods of teaching help ensure the effective and flexible transfer of knowledge now and in the future. 

OPAL - the central, regional learning platform of the Saxonian universities - has proved to be very successful. The platform has been continuously adjusted according to the users’ needs. It has been disposed and operated with the highest care possible. 

EVA, the European Virtual Academy, developed within a European project between 2010 and 2012 (Project Number: 509941-LLP-1-2010-1-RO-ERASMUS-EVC) conducted in cooperation with partners from Romania, Finland and Italy, is the first English spoken platform utilised at HSMW. EVA makes it possible to exchange different courses at the European stage. It lets boost the cooperation among universities and enhance teaching initiatives and online course design.

IWOOTI was set up by the European Virtual Academy in 2012, inspired by the work of the Academic Conferences & Publishing International. IWOOTI is seeking to bring proven best practices in online teaching and learning together.

IWOOTI 2012 was intended partly as a summary of the results from the two years of the project EVA, funded by the European Commission. Project Number: 509941-LLP-1-2010-1-RO-ERASMUS-EVC.

IWOOTI 2014 aimed at boosting academic cooperation in Europe and beyond and continue worldwide activities under the  EVA label.

IWOOTI 2018 is part of the International Week 2018 at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida.